About us

Kaj Institute has been established by the effort of Farmanesh brothers since 1994 and started the business in the field of requirements for printing, lithography, and binding. The institute has always tried with reliance of slogan quality, equity and servicing over the past 27 years till extend its presence in market of printing industry and affiliate industries.

The collective efforts of management and employees of Kaj institute in successive years leaded to success in obtaining of exclusive representative of world authentic brands in nationwide.

Major global brands which monopoly of their presentations in the Iranian market is disposal of Kaj institute contain:
  • ABC Products
  • Trenal ink (most authentic product of trading group  of flint)
  • Leon ink
  • Pinery ink
  • lithography drugs Printax containing developer and fixer made in England

According to extensive level of printing industry and therefore face with different tastes and interests, kaj institute has always tried till meantime maintain and expand of its exclusive brands, toward presentation of goods with title Representative Sales Agent also proceed till meantime maintain and expand of its trading arena, fulfill cover to its servicing slogan.

The need for obtaining representation and sales agancy of productive products inside and outside country for quality of productive products and of course the price and quality of their presented are studied and scrutiny by colleague experts of this institute and After final approval of Institute Directors, proceeding toward follow-up obtaining of privilege.

Productive factories Iran ink, Iran shoraka and Alborz ink that are no doubt the largest domestic manufacturers of printing ink and chemicals consumption, have entrusted Sales Agent privilege of their products to this institute.

According to opinion of colleague experts and institute directors toward high quality and favorable price (relative) of productive products of Iran ink thereupon presentation of this brand in recent years has been a greater priority than other domestic brands.

Kaj Institute is proud relying on Collective efforts of management and employees, introduce its self as the top supplier of printing products and related industries in the market.

In this direction present the list of Most widely consumed products presented by this institute as bellows:
  • Iranian ink: Iran, Solmaz, gamast ink
  • Foreign ink: Trenal,Pinery,Leon, Toyo
  • Alcohol: Petrochem (220 liters),Sasol (220 liters),Murk(20 liters)
  • Drying powder, liquid and paste, Iranian and foreign
  • Rolling blades for all types of printing machines
  • Rubber printing and under layer blanket for machines GTO, 2 sheets, 4.5 sheets and newspaper
  • Kinds of zinc and film and consumable Medications in lithography
  • Cutting paper knives In different dimensions
  • types of binding wire
  • The roll of cloth, wash cloth, automatic, super-blue fabric, and talc Strlvn inkwell in a variety of sizes
  • Iranian and foreign Pantone ink in various colors
  • Uv silk and Iranian and foreign cylinder

Obviously, customer satisfaction with the usual chants of pine in the quality, fairness and service, will win. Hence the institution with a dedicated group of experienced experts who are backed by pine confident in the manufacturing sector has always tried to provide quality customer The chemicals industry is now part of the "drug wash tires and rolling pine" and different types of special waterdrug and is marketed in the factory.

The company engineers and colleagues have always tried to serve the customers to give real meaning to it, in so doing, it offers all the products that pine is the exclusive agency - Because of the quality assurance- These experts have the technical support services And in case of non-desirability of senior managers and middle enterprises, consumers, the agency considers its task Support for certain of its assets to satisfy a real benefit to the institution. Obviously, these products support services are free.

The extent of the Iranian printer market, with the establishing of pine branches around the country, has to its customers in Iran Four side's vast and fast access to quality services.

Here is the list of Kaj Branches in difference cities of Iran which are in charge of serving to customers:
  • 2nd Branch in Kerman
  • 3rd Branch in Amol
  • 4th Branch in Zanjan
  • 5th Branch in Isfahan
  • 6th Branch in Mashad
  • 7th Branch in Shiraz


This institute will establish its 10th Branch in the near future in Harat (Afganistan).

Kaj Group has invested in different important malls in Tehran for giving a better service to its customers. In other words, Kaj would like to expand its activities area in Tehran Mall by using financial-economic policies in order to attract customers' satisfaction toward itsself.


Kaj sub branches in Tehran are as follows:
  • Baharestan Store
  • Senobar Store


Kaj Management believes that circuit customer should not only include large enterprises and consumers. This belief makes the number of our customers who buy consumable parts and supplies from Kaj reaches to 1200 Trade Units such as lithography, Printing house, Newspaper and Binding which causes us to make an additional efforts in order to reach to our customers' satisfaction in this wide range.

Kaj Group believes in economical field, the initial condition for success is to attract the trust of economical party. We really hope our colleagues and craft brothers join to this truthful group by trusting to Kaj Institute. 

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